Pock and 3rd-party widgets

Hi peoples!

I finally decided to set up some tools to remain in touch with you and explain Pock's future road!

I want to say sorry for the long absence. I needed some time to define the best process to follow to keep Pock development easy and fun again!

In this long period, I explored a ton of resources about maintaining an open-source project, and in a lot of them, I frequently found the same advice:

"Writing things down is one of the most important things you can do as a maintainer."

So I chose to start this blog to share Pock's vision with you, and alongside that, I will share and maintain some documentation about how to compile, tutorials, and some FAQs in the next future.

I hope you will love Pock's upcoming release as much as I love it! ❤️

3rd-party widgets

Today, I'll leave here just two videos to show you how 3rd-party widgets integration will work in the upcoming Pock release.

Install default widgets on startup

Since default widgets have the same behavior of the 3rd-party widgets now, you will download them remotely on your first Pock run.

(1) Installing default widgets on startup
Removing a widget

If you want to remove a widget, just simply hit the 'Trash' button in the Widgets Manager window and confirm through your Touch Bar.

(2) Removing a widget

I would like to end this post saying that a Roadmap is currently under development, and that will be published both here and on GitHub once it will be completed.

I also would like to announce that a platform where developers can upload and manage widgets is currently under development.

More info will be published soon.